We Caught A Huge Rat & 54 Mice- New Never Seen Before Footage. Flip & Slide Part 2. Mousetrap Monday

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In this video we catch 54 mice and a rat with the Flip & Slide Mouse Trap.
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  1. Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods
    2 maanden geleden

    Thanks for your support: Check out my new Patreon Page: www.patreon.com/mousetrapmonday You can purchase the authentic Flip & Slide trap through my Amazon Affiliate Link: amzn.to/3y15sba

    1. Brian Landers
      Brian Landers
      12 dagen geleden

      @Geflunk : I guess you didn't see the side by side test of the original versus the Chinese knockoff that Shawn did. Cheaper is never better when it's made by the Chinese.

    2. Brian Landers
      Brian Landers
      12 dagen geleden

      @BikeisDusty : Put it right on the product itself and have it scroll across the bottom.

    3. Brian Landers
      Brian Landers
      12 dagen geleden

      @Polaverse : Exactly, they're not very expensive either, the Chinese knockoffs are expensive when they don't catch anything.

    4. Brian Landers
      Brian Landers
      12 dagen geleden

      That's not a bad price for that mouse and rat trap, considering how much the one catch at a time wooden rat traps costs and a packet of mouse traps costs it's a bargain. All homeowners and farmers should buy at least a couple, because rats and mice do a lot of damage to foundations by digging under them, and spreading diseases to the farm animals and people. Good job Shawn, maybe do a video on how much damage the vermin do, the video in your pickup was a good start.

    5. Synthya Wylder
      Synthya Wylder
      Maand geleden

      Ideally, a mouse/rat trap would be: 1. Immediately & humanely effective, so no water, glue, drop or poison traps. 2. Be able to hold a large number of dead. 3. Have a bait that is perpetual so as to not require constant/regular replenishment. 4. Not require frequent re-setting or clearing. 5. Not require constant or regular monitoring or maintenance. I have a plan in mind - Where, how & to whom should I send the idea? I have the plan in mind & it's a DIY-built design.

  2. Lawrence
    Uur geleden

    Again, facebook does not give 2 cents about illegal businesses... they just want money, so there's no stopping them unless you go to court.

  3. Lewis
    Dag geleden

    actually that is not a "huge" rat :) I have caught rats three times that size!

  4. David Rosinburg
    David Rosinburg
    Dag geleden

    Taiwan is a country. How about that phrase. Because its true.

  5. Kevin Darroch
    Kevin Darroch
    Dag geleden

    Interesting work, video. IP conspiracy, collusion, fraud and theft is serious. Needs to be reported where it exists. Too many jobs are being lost.

  6. CapitalD D
    CapitalD D
    Dag geleden

    Did anyone else clap, when the rat finally fell in......πŸ‘

  7. David B
    David B
    2 dagen geleden

    Nothing good comes from China, giving them free trade deals decades ago for them to improve themselves has come at our cost. Big businesses are a slave to China and countries as well, we have to denounce our affiliation with China and destroy their communist ways. They want to take over the world both economically and combative, the only solution is nuclear war! Please note that it's not so much Chinese people but it's China the government that is the issue but with nuclear war, there may be some collateral damage to Chinese people, but that's just the way it is.

  8. Chirping Birdy
    Chirping Birdy
    2 dagen geleden

    Any suggestion to a fluid that would be good for masking the odor of mice in the trap?

  9. Ron Palmer
    Ron Palmer
    2 dagen geleden

    Zuckerberg is owned by China!!!!!!!

  10. Granny Evon
    Granny Evon
    2 dagen geleden

    Way to go! BUT YOU KNOW THAT CHINESE EAT RATS!!!! DOGS AND WHO KNOW WHAT ELSE!!!. MY dad invented this thing for the Serviceman to call back to the Stated but he did one thing! He work on company time which was for the telephone co.Which was Illinois Bell ( know as Mam Bell) and his job they stole it from him cause he was on company time and they paid him $1.00 dollar for the patter and my dad almost lost his mind. So never use Company time or any of their stuff.GOD BLESS!

  11. Kourtney B
    Kourtney B
    3 dagen geleden

    That ain’t a rat that was a puppy!!! Geez Louise! Biggest rat I have ever seen! Lol

  12. Grant Deisig
    Grant Deisig
    3 dagen geleden

    Shawn, why do you use the wooden ladder instead of the plastic one that comes with the flip and slide?

  13. Dairo Leon
    Dairo Leon
    4 dagen geleden

    This video is like ASMR but it's too short.

  14. El Toro
    El Toro
    4 dagen geleden

    this trap is clearly for mice and not big rats. that rat fell in only after a long time grappling with cover with his claws, he's just unlucky.

  15. DancingHorseFarm1
    5 dagen geleden

    How much water do you recommend putting in the bucket?

  16. Rahmat Hidayah
    Rahmat Hidayah
    6 dagen geleden

    10% talk about mouse trap 90% watermark

  17. Jessi Taylor
    Jessi Taylor
    6 dagen geleden

    Shawn, many thanks to you for showing us this flip & slide mouse trap. I'm waiting for mine to be delivered. I also used glue traps to catch mice to show me exactly where they were getting in. Show you inspired me to be a mouse hunter. You da man!!!!

  18. Callum Matthews
    Callum Matthews
    6 dagen geleden

    Rat: falls in water bucket under trap. NLrock: [Music]

  19. πŸ‘‹ hello
    πŸ‘‹ hello
    6 dagen geleden

    He should bait the wall on the way in, that way large rat will be likely to put its head down

  20. chris mcgough
    chris mcgough
    8 dagen geleden

    I bought one of these (originals) recently...because of your videos

  21. Everything Dirt Bike
    Everything Dirt Bike
    9 dagen geleden

    what camera do you use to film the mice at night

  22. Mymeds4me
    9 dagen geleden

    I'm ordering from you 100% awesome trapπŸ‘

  23. Andres Cardona
    Andres Cardona
    10 dagen geleden

    5:58 Mouse: *sees hell and backs off* Also mouse: "well... what tha hell" *goes to hell*

  24. kirkkw
    11 dagen geleden

    There are lots of Amazon reviews saying the trap caught no mice. Why do you think it is not working for them?

  25. Gary Hotchkiss
    Gary Hotchkiss
    11 dagen geleden

    Do you move the trap around during the night to catch 54 mice and a rat? The bucket is seen in a vehicle and two different rooms.

  26. Gerard Burton
    Gerard Burton
    11 dagen geleden

    Put some oil/grease on the tip of the trap to catch the rats. Did the rat eat some of the mice? This is the best trap that I have ever seen. Shawn should just get a few of these traps he would have no rats in no time.

  27. Sandbox
    12 dagen geleden

    The things you can't say in china is Xi Jinping is Winnie the Pooh and Free Tibet

  28. harry bridge
    harry bridge
    13 dagen geleden


  29. Frank Dalla
    Frank Dalla
    14 dagen geleden

    This thing never misses. You have built the finest mouse and rat trap in history. Congrats. I hope if your not one already, that this makes you a millionaire.

  30. Dave 1969
    Dave 1969
    14 dagen geleden

    youtube will side with anyone who makes them money

  31. Masters1250
    14 dagen geleden

    Sue facebook, they are responcible for the ads they allow.

  32. GACHA-Kaci&robotdesfan! Robloxs trains and more!
    GACHA-Kaci&robotdesfan! Robloxs trains and more!
    15 dagen geleden

    One Rat: **existing** Flip and Slide: Did I hear boss fight?

  33. Fity Bux
    Fity Bux
    16 dagen geleden

    The content is the bait. :-)

  34. Fity Bux
    Fity Bux
    16 dagen geleden

    10:13 LOLOLOLOL. :-D Subliminal messages? Heh.

  35. Jeffrey Radcliff
    Jeffrey Radcliff
    17 dagen geleden

    Why don’t you design one big enough for rats?

  36. Hu Deas
    Hu Deas
    17 dagen geleden

    Shawn, u have the best traps yet your barn is always full of mice? I’m confused 😐

  37. shmuck530
    17 dagen geleden

    Flair was was doing mouse trap videos, his shop was over run. Reach out to him

  38. pittroadsixzeroseven
    18 dagen geleden

    This trap comes with everything works the best, I will buy it. Thank you for saving American products from China.

  39. Maturely Glam
    Maturely Glam
    19 dagen geleden

    You need the watermark somewhere in the middle maybe on the bucket. They will crop the video to take that out very easily. Crappy what they do to good small American companies

  40. Charles Goce BOR 7
    Charles Goce BOR 7
    19 dagen geleden

    What is the writing on the top left

  41. Ricky
    19 dagen geleden

    Mouse: adios

  42. Aisha
    19 dagen geleden

    I think you should put more water in the trap next time. Did you catch the rat again?

  43. Aisha
    19 dagen geleden

    Your big rat is very entertaining.

  44. A loser
    A loser
    19 dagen geleden

    There was a watermark? I didn't even notice.

  45. Watanabe Yasuke
    Watanabe Yasuke
    19 dagen geleden

    Made in China = made by thieves

  46. T C
    T C
    20 dagen geleden

    Did anyone catch what flashed at 10:13-10:14?

  47. Jay Bomb
    Jay Bomb
    21 dag geleden

    Facebook doesn't care about honesty or Honest people! Zuckerberg sold us out in so many ways yet the sheeple cater to his businesses no matter how much our privacy is betrayed or denied.

  48. eletvizviz
    21 dag geleden

    i used an image translator to see what the chinese text was and it said "Long near Ping is Winnie the Pooh."

  49. Karimba Leofasa
    Karimba Leofasa
    21 dag geleden

    The watermarks never get in the way. In fact I think you of all people deserve to have your channel on the content

  50. Moon Doggie
    Moon Doggie
    21 dag geleden

    Hey, what happened to all those tasty mice you caught? We want to see them get eaten.

  51. BUNJU
    22 dagen geleden

    10:13 pause

  52. Expressive Pets
    Expressive Pets
    22 dagen geleden

    Shawn please contact PayPal and Discover with this info. I made a purchase based on the photo...i didn't want pay shipping on Amazon...im a prime member. So I did a Google search...i want to buy from the US company. I am happy to see that they now include shipping. Sad we can't trust anyone; anymore.

  53. Brian Michaels
    Brian Michaels
    22 dagen geleden

    Facebook sides with the Chinese?! Wow who would have though

  54. Jay Finke
    Jay Finke
    23 dagen geleden

    . The Florida pool pump motor bearing repair guy approved ! that was good info Shawn

  55. Monsterbaby's Channel
    Monsterbaby's Channel
    23 dagen geleden

    8:39 you've met the final boss. Lol

  56. alec majoni
    alec majoni
    23 dagen geleden

    the watermark is not distracting you should add on every video

  57. Fenriz Nobile
    Fenriz Nobile
    23 dagen geleden

    Is there a larger version? (for rats)

  58. xshanghu
    23 dagen geleden


  59. 68HC060
    23 dagen geleden

    Shawn, you should get in touch with Chris Chappel from China Uncensored. Personally, I refuse to purchase any of the chinese copies, even though they're cheaper. I'd rather purchase one from the US (directly from the inventor's website) and get it shipped to Denmark, paying shipping, VAT and import-duties (which will double the price).

  60. Sean
    23 dagen geleden

    Mouse traps have been around for as long as civilization. The mouse traps we have nowadays are far better than the ones of the past. Knowing this, it must be pretty cool for the lad who designed this to know he is responsible for designing the most efficient thing for the job, in the history of civilization...so far haha!

  61. DodgetheStorm
    23 dagen geleden

    I think Id fall for this if a hundred dollar bill was on the end

  62. EbbsNFlow
    23 dagen geleden

    No kidding, that rat at the 9min mark was massive!

  63. mt h
    mt h
    24 dagen geleden

    I'd like to buy ONE authentic Rinne Flip N Slide trap... looks like I have to buy two on Amazon. I'll gladly pay more for a made-in-USA, original trap, but I don't need two. C'mon guys, make it easy for us to do the right thing.

  64. kitkat twinkie
    kitkat twinkie
    24 dagen geleden

    The watermark was none at all distracting! Continue protecting your work

  65. Netreek
    24 dagen geleden

    The last rat was awesome. Climbs in from the one side and out on the other. ROFL.

    25 dagen geleden

    I buy 1 is good so i buy 3 why not ;)

  67. Nightmare Fuel
    Nightmare Fuel
    25 dagen geleden

    print things china doesn't like on it, that way they won't steal the new images you put up and there fore the original will stand out print a Taiwan/Hong Kong/Tibet flag on the "sides" of the trap

  68. Scarlette Foxx
    Scarlette Foxx
    25 dagen geleden


  69. Dogezilla The legendary
    Dogezilla The legendary
    25 dagen geleden

    10:13 10:14

  70. Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford
    25 dagen geleden

    Woah, hey what are you guys doin in here? Oh Larry, they got you too.

  71. Myst
    25 dagen geleden

    Lol! Mouse #4 is an idiot πŸ™„

  72. Enpy Denpy
    Enpy Denpy
    25 dagen geleden

    10:13 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. warrel jd
      warrel jd
      6 dagen geleden

      What does it say? Unable to pause at that moment

  73. Landru soto
    Landru soto
    25 dagen geleden

    Yeah leave those watermarks! ✌

  74. Wilhelm Betz
    Wilhelm Betz
    25 dagen geleden

    isnt it kinda inhumane to drown those rats like an more humane way would be better

  75. zToxic Anime
    zToxic Anime
    25 dagen geleden

    That's some dangerous out of context lines my man. "They side with the Chinese!"

  76. The Hind
    The Hind
    26 dagen geleden

    Comments here are just all about the water mark

  77. Space Cadet
    Space Cadet
    26 dagen geleden

    Needs the tiniest of felt strips added to the lid to keep the flipper from slapping so loudly.

  78. ElvanLady
    26 dagen geleden

    Water marks are easy to get used to their presence. It's actually a biological quirk called selective attention, basically we go "Oh that's not important" and tune it out.

  79. Carl Philipp Gaebler
    Carl Philipp Gaebler
    26 dagen geleden

    0:53 "That still only counts as one!"

  80. Riley Walls
    Riley Walls
    26 dagen geleden

    Xi Jinping is Winnie the Pooh and Free Tibet. You love to see it! πŸ˜‚

  81. Makayla Edward
    Makayla Edward
    27 dagen geleden

    I don't think the watermark very distracting. Do it, put it in the middle, make it bigger, whatever you need to to protect yourself.

  82. Danny Gumato
    Danny Gumato
    27 dagen geleden

    The best mouse trap I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing. Just subscribe to your channel. God bless

  83. Cole Graninger
    Cole Graninger
    27 dagen geleden

    If your curious what he said in Chinese he put, β€œxi jinping is Winnie the Pooh,” lol.

  84. Hira168
    28 dagen geleden

    I have bought 1 and now after 1 week nothing is trapped.

  85. Decanta
    28 dagen geleden

    you should put a shawn woods sticker on each mouse so its impossible to get rid of πŸ˜‚

  86. Yoda
    28 dagen geleden

    Haha! Disrespecting China like a boss!

  87. ShockAtt277
    29 dagen geleden

    make a bigger one for rats

  88. Bam
    29 dagen geleden

    If the mice hadn’t drowned the rat would’ve pushed them under.

  89. Channel Name β€’ 10 years ago
    Channel Name β€’ 10 years ago
    29 dagen geleden

    Use a moving watermark. The enemy of all watermark remover tools Do it in the same way like what DVD screensaver do. Bounch but transparent. It's almost impossible to remove unless they're really dedicated

  90. Jose O
    Jose O
    Maand geleden

    Where is thewatermark?

  91. LovingAtlanta
    Maand geleden

    πŸ‘Great demo & video.Thank you. πŸ™πŸ’ 😞Sorry to hear that you had your work stolen. 😑Dirty thieves! Watermark the whole thing!

  92. kmcd7
    Maand geleden

    This is so satisfying to watch πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  93. Kitty Mrache
    Kitty Mrache
    Maand geleden

    Do you put water in the bucket to drown them? Could it be used without the water- I don't want to kill them, just move them outside my house into the woods.

  94. capcom4eva
    Maand geleden

    If you need a bigger bucket than 5 gallons to catch a rat, seems like it’s more suitable to mice. What are the top affordable rat traps? Is the basic victor rat trap any good? Thanks!

  95. Chris Krentz
    Chris Krentz
    Maand geleden

    I'll be 100% honest - I didn't even notice the watermarks until you pointed them out. I say keep them all your videos! It doesn't bother me and will hopefully prevent copying.

  96. Tony Piano
    Tony Piano
    Maand geleden

    I LOVE the sound of the splash!!

  97. Alanmichael Luck
    Alanmichael Luck
    Maand geleden

    How does this guy have so many mice?!

  98. Meme T
    Meme T
    Maand geleden

    Wow imagine if this was in Australia, how many mouse it catch

  99. Dyktafon 216
    Dyktafon 216
    Maand geleden

    BIG SCROLLING WATERMARK PLEASE, also you're doing great work lad.

  100. Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez
    Maand geleden

    Why is the trap is made in US take so long to ship ?