This is Disgraceful! Chinese Websites and Social Media are stealing from an American Small Business.

44 000 Weergaven 573K

Please help this small business who find themselves under attack from Chinese websites and Social Media.
This is the only place to purchase a real Flip and Slide mouse trap (amazon affiliate link)


  1. John Legg
    John Legg
    3 uur geleden

    Don't expect Amazon to care. They just care about lining their own pockets

  2. ghggp1
    5 uur geleden

    What do you do with a bucket of live rats and mice?

  3. Dave Irwin
    Dave Irwin
    9 uur geleden

    You know why this will never stop? Because while you all sit here and bitch about it right after your running out to Walmart and logging into Wish to get the great deals. You want to be paid maximum dollar for working here but send it all to China and then wonder where all the jobs have gone..

  4. mycpu2u
    20 uur geleden

    Thanks for the correct link. Just bought an American made Flip & Slide mouse trap.

  5. Maurice Sampson II
    Maurice Sampson II
    20 uur geleden

    I was hoodwinked by the ad from a China-based company operating under the trade name "Tangyville". Fortunately, if they hold to their policy I place the order 68 hours ago and so I canceled it with a 40% restocking fee and immediately purchased it from the link on this site. Rant on Shawn: I have been watching Mousetrap Monday videos for many months waiting for this recommendation-- I will be damned if I am forced to participate in scams that steal your due!

  6. david o'connor
    david o'connor
    Dag geleden

    I just bought the Chinese one 😐

  7. Kevin Darroch
    Kevin Darroch
    Dag geleden

    Good video, thank you.

  8. Dan Gingerich
    Dan Gingerich
    Dag geleden

    States should ban Facebook and Amazon from doing business until they prevent such things, as the federal government isn't ever going to do anything about it.

  9. Timothy Strees
    Timothy Strees
    Dag geleden

    I came to your video to buy the legit one. Thanks for the psa and link.

  10. Robin Bisarya
    Robin Bisarya
    2 dagen geleden

    And here is another one. Sadly, can't buy this. Andrew 1.0 out of 5 stars Didn't catch a single mouse in months, new trap caught 3 overnight. Reviewed in the United States on December 2, 2018 Item Package Quantity: 2Verified Purchase I had 2 of these traps set for months, exactly how the instructions say and exactly like many people have them pictured. I didn't catch a single mouse, or show any activity so I thought maybe they were gone. As soon as it got cold out I had activity in my cubbards again and no mice to show for it. I went to my local hardware store and bought a "rolling log style" trap. After 24 hours I had 3 mice. Everything about this product seemed like it should have worked but the proof is in the results. Would not reccomend.

  11. Elise
    2 dagen geleden

    Sham on those copycats. I am glad that I just found your channel and ordered one through your link. Thank you so much. Yes. Taiwan is definitely a country. NO doubt.

  12. William-A Jones
    William-A Jones
    2 dagen geleden

    No remember that apparently 80 million Americans didn’t like a certain president’s tweets, even though he was cracking down on China and theft of intellectual property. Sounds like 80 million voters (allegedly) fell into a far more successful trap in 2020.

  13. Quod Erat Demonstrandum
    Quod Erat Demonstrandum
    2 dagen geleden

    We should have nuked China back in 1953. Not just saying.

  14. Jc Y
    Jc Y
    2 dagen geleden

    Let be honest, that cheap piece plastic will cost $ 30, I don't really care who made it .As long is as it will work. Beside it only for that damn mice. Seem like to me, we will all be fooled by either country.

  15. mk b
    mk b
    3 dagen geleden

    yep same with me and the l-cheapo laser cutter

  16. Brenda W
    Brenda W
    3 dagen geleden

    It sucks! They are all in bed together. Facebook is the true enemy of the people.

  17. Ao Guang
    Ao Guang
    4 dagen geleden

    Welcome to the scam China has been running with the cheap manufacturing prices! This is what grew amazon and ebay before that. > < it hurts the economy and hardworking individuals!

  18. Barry Sargent
    Barry Sargent
    4 dagen geleden

    That's the trouble in making a good product with no surply. Someone is going to run you over. Take it as a good lesson and get your act together.

  19. Piotr Niewinski
    Piotr Niewinski
    4 dagen geleden

    yep true trade story- every field

  20. themonkeyhand
    4 dagen geleden

    Don't blame China, blame Americans. We will gladly send our money to China to save $10.

  21. Private Citizen
    Private Citizen
    5 dagen geleden

    Isn't free trade great!

  22. Rubecork
    5 dagen geleden

    They mention Interpol on DVDs against pirating. Where are they now?

  23. beets
    5 dagen geleden

    Damn i almost hate china more than america

  24. Andrew Land
    Andrew Land
    5 dagen geleden


  25. Gary McCrohan
    Gary McCrohan
    5 dagen geleden

    Good on you for sticking up for the little guy. I'm from Australia, and it's good to see you standing up to China. PS, just ordered a trap from the link provided below. Cheers.

  26. Jim Steele
    Jim Steele
    5 dagen geleden

    Bomb China!!!!

  27. Elise Cham
    Elise Cham
    5 dagen geleden

    Very sad to see a great product being copied and your NLrock video being used misused. I am from Shenzhen, China, and I think the best way to tackle this kind of copyright issue is to file your design patent in the USA & China. I hate infringement of design patterns & copyright violations. From a business point of view, it's most cost-effective to manufacture in China and sell globally, including the huge China market. FB/IG/Tiktok cares about paid ads more than anything else. Good luck!

  28. Aslo Olsa
    Aslo Olsa
    5 dagen geleden

    Well TilTok is Chinese owned anyway

  29. Marlboro Man
    Marlboro Man
    5 dagen geleden

    just saw your other video and ordered 2 and made sure they were made by Rinne traps, came back and seen this recommended. ......."If it don't say Rinne trap its a piece of crap."

  30. Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt
    5 dagen geleden

    Say on your videos that its copyrighted, the year and you name -- outherwise you vid is public domain all so put a water mark. AND, needs to patent his mouse trap -- probabliy too late now. Smart inventors need to be smart in business too. Wake up inventors -- get that patent. Trademark you name, copyright you ads and vid and everything.

  31. T. Boyd
    T. Boyd
    6 dagen geleden

    This has been going on for years.

  32. This Guy
    This Guy
    6 dagen geleden

    If you work hard...making something that people want it... Chinese will rip of it

  33. Chi Rho Bear
    Chi Rho Bear
    6 dagen geleden

    See if you got an unjust enrichment case against face book. Copyright infringement is bad enough.

  34. Ian Torregosa
    Ian Torregosa
    6 dagen geleden

    so cry baby mind ur own business.

    1. Was H1tler A Lesbian
      Was H1tler A Lesbian
      6 dagen geleden

      yes he is such crybaby

  35. John Storace
    John Storace
    6 dagen geleden

    They've been doing this for decades. But don't blame them, it's the people who buy them. Look in your home, look in your closets look at your shoes look at your appliances, all you own is Chinese stuff. Why? Poor trade deals and no effort on the part of the American Congress to stop the theft of intellectual property.

  36. Bakoca
    7 dagen geleden

    Tiktok? Don't even think bout it..

  37. JJ
    7 dagen geleden

    China unethical? Noooooooo! Facebook not doing the right thing? Whaaaaaat! Amazon not doing all they could to help!Naaaaaaah c'mon! Lol sorry but these are a few of the most evil entities in the world today.

  38. Effendy Abdullah
    Effendy Abdullah
    7 dagen geleden

    Actually, the Chinese manufacturer is not wholly to blame, they just make the copies. The issue is those "drop shippers", that order from them. They place the ads on social media, open the Amazon store and steal the images and videos. The item location might show Shenzen China since it's drop shipping, but the sellers are from all over the world. China's Great Firewall blocks Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.. Most of these Chinese manufacturers are just copying products mainly for their own local market, you have to remember they have billions of people that cannot have access to purchase things outside of their own country. It's the greedy dropshippers from outside of China, that follows all those dropshipping "gurus" that teach them how to sell on Amazon, Facebook, etc...

  39. Timothy Delaval
    Timothy Delaval
    7 dagen geleden

    whats even worse is i just got a add from that company at the begining of your last video for the knock off trap

  40. Sarah MayWest
    Sarah MayWest
    7 dagen geleden

    NLrock is my only source of social media... for reasons like this. I love REAL REVIEWS ❣

  41. fightingblind
    7 dagen geleden

    welcome to China 2021

  42. Shadow Paw
    Shadow Paw
    7 dagen geleden

    It’s called insperation u idiot I’m a Chinese

  43. Shadow Paw
    Shadow Paw
    7 dagen geleden

    It did not copy

  44. Shadow Paw
    Shadow Paw
    7 dagen geleden


  45. The AbnormalUser
    The AbnormalUser
    7 dagen geleden

    You shoulda sue Facebook

  46. Mariusz Michalak
    Mariusz Michalak
    8 dagen geleden

    What did you do to all those poor mice after you caught them? :o

  47. Glen Villanueva
    Glen Villanueva
    8 dagen geleden

    Don't worry. They are drowning right now.

  48. OLSA2010Videos
    8 dagen geleden

    Thanks for information. I canceled my Amazon order and ordered Rinne Traps Made in USA

  49. Fredrick Hight
    Fredrick Hight
    8 dagen geleden

    He should go to SHARKTANK and get those companies and STOP and build his company aggressive. God Bless.

    1. templar k Big,D,McM
      templar k Big,D,McM
      4 dagen geleden

      Shark tank you mean the people that literally tell everyone that come in there they want to make it in China cuz it's cheaper?

  50. un viet
    un viet
    8 dagen geleden

    Facebook, is all about the money --FB don't give a F# about anyone but $$$. If it ship from China --DON'T BUY IT!

  51. 晶誩
    8 dagen geleden


    1. 晶誩
      4 dagen geleden

      @templar k Big,D,McM 感谢翻译

    2. templar k Big,D,McM
      templar k Big,D,McM
      4 dagen geleden

      Support the bloggers, these shameless mainland companies. Earned money and lost the Chinese dream. Only the CCP dream is left!

  52. Grant Deisig
    Grant Deisig
    8 dagen geleden

    I don't even really need one of these, but after watching this video, I bought one any way to support american business and give china the middle finger.

  53. Otila Desper
    Otila Desper
    8 dagen geleden

    They did! And I bought one thinking it was made in the USA! And they sent me a broken one. And refused to send my money back! I was scammed! Now I’m disputing it on pay pal. They only offered me a $11 refund when I paid $39 for one I thought I was buying this product! I just bought one from this link.

  54. Tony So
    Tony So
    9 dagen geleden

    that is cheeNa, copy/paste/steal/spy with no shame, no guilt.

  55. MrMilkBR
    9 dagen geleden

    Dear USA, that's called Capitalism. Deal with it or destroy it. Either way stop whining

  56. Arch Enemy
    Arch Enemy
    9 dagen geleden

    No surprise coming form over there, there masks are complete utter garbage i work for a company that buys them for its employees and have urged my superiors to buy from home rather then there crap, there making a fortune selling cheap, breaks easily ineffective crap.

  57. hyperbolical
    9 dagen geleden

    Patent laws! Might not stop them overseas but go after the US companies that are distributing the Chinese products over here!

  58. 3st
    9 dagen geleden

    I hate China so much

  59. Richard Haw
    Richard Haw
    9 dagen geleden

    damn, shameless ripoff...

  60. Dope Flakes
    Dope Flakes
    9 dagen geleden

    china has been stealing designs from Americans for DECADES

  61. Just Some Random Idiot Weeb
    Just Some Random Idiot Weeb
    10 dagen geleden

    I hate those 1% of people in china

  62. iamsosad
    10 dagen geleden

    I feel bad for Chinese stuff like this is why we have such a bad reputation

  63. Benu Wyman
    Benu Wyman
    10 dagen geleden

    just add in tywan is a country (go down for original post)

  64. Joe Egg
    Joe Egg
    10 dagen geleden

    That’s disgusting. I make it a point to not buy items from China for this very reason!

  65. AngeliqueKaga
    10 dagen geleden


  66. a_i_a_o
    10 dagen geleden

    Southpark: "They took our jobs"

  67. My Big Fat Frog
    My Big Fat Frog
    10 dagen geleden

    well to begin with patents are local contract-agreements not international. You can't force laws outside of your borders, but I guess you already know that.

  68. EFD620G
    11 dagen geleden

    It's all about the money. Big tech doesn't care about anything else.

  69. Éireann Simpson
    Éireann Simpson
    11 dagen geleden

    I bought one from Amazon.

  70. LKH Channel
    LKH Channel
    11 dagen geleden

    This is sad. When a creation is too simple, it is bound to be copied by unscrupulous people. Even content creators like myself have to be careful to not make my stuff too simple. Now you need to design a trap for corporate thieves!

  71. NewHampshire LifeStyle
    NewHampshire LifeStyle
    11 dagen geleden

    China has stolen all their technology from the West.

  72. Dawn Warrior
    Dawn Warrior
    11 dagen geleden

    I smell a lawsuit, but how do you fight a corrupted system with major influence as a "little man"?

  73. Derrell Self
    Derrell Self
    11 dagen geleden

    The Chinese are experts at reverse engineering. If a functional UFO ever crashes in China.......we are so screwed.

  74. kayu manis
    kayu manis
    12 dagen geleden

    i like made in chine, cheap !

  75. Ron White
    Ron White
    12 dagen geleden


  76. MrNight2015
    12 dagen geleden

    China is a communists country they do not acknowledge "private property" or "trademarks" because in a communist country everything is government (IE: the people) property.

  77. Carson Barrett
    Carson Barrett
    12 dagen geleden

    Well TikTok is literally owned by China and China has a vice grip on the nuts of Mark Suckerberg And Jackoff Dorsey so why would they not profit all off of each other, and Bezos is the epitome of opportunistic tactics so why would he not keep the money flowing in?

  78. RupertFoulmouth
    12 dagen geleden

    not all rats in the world have four legs. Both facebook and the Chinese government/business are shameless.

  79. sunnytrailrunner
    12 dagen geleden

    How LOW will they go?

  80. SMITH
    13 dagen geleden

    You tube the gold standard Blahhaa 😂😂😂 Yeah right. The gold standard at censorship and Twitter is platinum grade.

  81. Barry Mikokinju
    Barry Mikokinju
    13 dagen geleden

    I applaud you for your composure throughout this video. As you say, it's hard to describe the frustration you and the inventor must feel. I'm not very knowledgeable on US patent and copyright laws, but there might be ground for a lawsuit..right? Final option... take it to 4chan. They hate injustice.

  82. devilboykillz
    13 dagen geleden

    if this isnt good for rats what is????

  83. Morgan Wilson
    Morgan Wilson
    13 dagen geleden

    I got two of the knockoffs and they're crap. Came broken, don't fit the bucket, the plank isn't balanced, and the ramp doesn't even reach the floor.

  84. Close en
    Close en
    13 dagen geleden

    Curse you china

  85. Roshammbo Gaming
    Roshammbo Gaming
    13 dagen geleden

    I hate that this happens. Unfortunately it is so easy to just download video's from NLrock these days. Some people put water marks on there video's to help combat this but in this digital age its so easy to just copy things and just crop and re-edit. Hopefully one of these days things will be encrypted and it wont be easy to just rip things off the internet like that. Wish you all the luck with this as well as the real seller of this product.

  86. Lex60
    13 dagen geleden

    Watermarks on the videos and all pieces have to be printed with something offensive for the Communist Party.

  87. Furious George
    Furious George
    13 dagen geleden

    Big tech and media have no interest in helping a small American company. Along with Dems, they've all sold us out to China a long time ago.

  88. Brian Landers
    Brian Landers
    13 dagen geleden

    Just have the Chinese characters scroll across your screen of some things that are only offensive to the CCP in every video from now on, they want to play dirty, you have to throw mud back in their faces Shawn. It should be a continuous scroll, not just little pop ups.

  89. THE
    13 dagen geleden

    I am Chinese and I keep telling my family, China will always be one step behind the Americans. All they do is copy.

  90. Harvey Post
    Harvey Post
    13 dagen geleden

    Hav several small flasks from China say stainless steel on bottom hav a belt buckle of steel with magnets u slide flask in belt buckle..they don't magnetized even though says stain less steel.. aluminium flask.

  91. Anthony Trent
    Anthony Trent
    14 dagen geleden

    I need one or two of these I'll be buying from the real company

  92. The Numbertaker
    The Numbertaker
    14 dagen geleden

    China is the worlds tumour change my mind

  93. WN WN
    WN WN
    14 dagen geleden

    If China dont copy USA today China wont reach to moon successful 1000000000%

  94. sando Boi
    sando Boi
    14 dagen geleden

    I cant wait till Facebook gets their arse sued

  95. Joe Kasson
    Joe Kasson
    14 dagen geleden

    Multiply the wrongness of this situation by one hundred million and you don’t even begin to see how badly American businesses have bee ripped off by the Chinese

  96. Kevin Maxwell
    Kevin Maxwell
    15 dagen geleden

    I don't have much evidence but i have a friend who keeps trying to patent new ideas never heard of and is being told by patent office China already has the patent then 3 months later his ideas are being marketed from China 🤔 Americans are being sold out by patent office, FDA, MEDIA, all the way up to any security we thought was solid! Must be a way to check patent timing of submittal i bet it a day after my friends.

  97. sirha konik
    sirha konik
    15 dagen geleden

    delete your previous video, and upload it again with watermark, so they wont be able to copy it later

  98. Kathlyn Terry
    Kathlyn Terry
    15 dagen geleden

    I bought one on Amazon and it’s the real deal, thank goodness. I always want to buy American now if possible.

  99. GACHA-Kaci&robotdesfan! Robloxs trains and more!
    GACHA-Kaci&robotdesfan! Robloxs trains and more!
    15 dagen geleden

    I gotta say this… PIRACY IS A CRIME…..