The World's Best Mouse Trap Vs. A Copycat From China. Motion Camera Footage - Mousetrap Monday

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In this video we do a head to head competition of the best mouse trap ever invented vs a copy from china.
The best place to purchase the Original Made In the USA trap is through my Amazon Affiliate Link:


  1. Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods
    17 dagen geleden

    Thank you so much for your support. The best place to purchase the Original Made In the USA trap is through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

    1. jello fish
      jello fish
      10 dagen geleden

      @PrimaRipper 😐

    2. jello fish
      jello fish
      10 dagen geleden

      Patent your design then take that to court

    3. capcom4eva
      11 dagen geleden

      Where do you get the clear bucket?

    4. Edward
      12 dagen geleden

      You can't put both trap and expect the same amount of rat to go up 😑

    5. 33 screaming frogs
      33 screaming frogs
      13 dagen geleden

      @brad snedeker Adding on to my previous reply to you in another thread, Amazon's main distributors/shops come from drop shippers, not the actual company that owns the product. These people will buy large amounts of items at bulk prices, store them in a warehouse, and sell them individually online. It's profitable if you don't have to pay much for shipping and have access to cheap warehouse storage, both of these factors being present in Shanghai. The components could be made at an injection molding facility in china, shipped to the assembly team in north america who put it together, sold in bulk to someone else in china, put in a shipping crate full of other bulk goods they intend to sell, and then listed on amazon. The trip from components-assembly-storefront is always going to be more complicated than you think, especially with online purchases.

  2. Braindoner101
    Dag geleden

    I remember back when the rolling log mouse trap was Shawn’s highly recommended trap.

  3. Wonkyu Lee
    Wonkyu Lee
    Dag geleden

    Chinese culture has a long history of copying and cheating.

  4. ImNot2Sur3
    2 dagen geleden

    *Made in China*

  5. Thot Tea
    Thot Tea
    3 dagen geleden

    The 2 mouse who fell in the Chinese one were paid actors

  6. Joyce The German Shepherd
    Joyce The German Shepherd
    3 dagen geleden

    i feel like that wasnt completely a copycat. in my opinion i feel like they just improved on someone elses idea by adding another entrance rather than full out reproducing someone elses product. its even kind of sad that they couldnt make the pieces fit together nicely because its a great idea

  7. PurpledCabbage
    4 dagen geleden

    i always feel like their tails are getting pinched as the fall in the original one

  8. Shaun Andrews
    Shaun Andrews
    4 dagen geleden

    China can’t do anything right , their country will fall apart before their propaganda works,

  9. No Name
    No Name
    4 dagen geleden

    double trapdoor, whatever. They're ruining the original inventor. True, it's a very simple design with just one moving part... But did anyone think of it and start selling it? No they didn't, the man who created the trap should be getting all the income from these copy cats. Instead they're just hiding his body in a bush.

  10. Marlene Cesarotti
    Marlene Cesarotti
    6 dagen geleden

    Shawn sue those copiers in China they copy anything .....your the best Shawn thanks for all the info helped me get rid of my 1 mouse never saw him but he is gone....must have act some lovely food I cooked up & ram the hell out of here.....

  11. Meskony Olsen
    Meskony Olsen
    6 dagen geleden

    You forgot you forgot to add transparent winnie the pooh.gif club penguin dancing in couple seconds!

  12. Bangles Marshall
    Bangles Marshall
    6 dagen geleden

    your pet mice are trap testing professionals..... much smarter than your average mouse :)

  13. Michele0403
    6 dagen geleden

    Does the Flip & Slide work for catching rats too?

  14. Shutterstock Watermark
    Shutterstock Watermark
    7 dagen geleden

    copyCAT Sorry I couldn't resist

  15. Clement Poon
    Clement Poon
    7 dagen geleden

    is this based on the uhlik repeater

  16. unused used old cheese
    unused used old cheese
    7 dagen geleden

    Copycat cat

  17. Sour Lemonade
    Sour Lemonade
    7 dagen geleden

    So sad that it’s a copycat.. (hehe) Love the cat design though

  18. Penny Gaming
    Penny Gaming
    7 dagen geleden

    Little did u know. U CAM SUE THEM!

  19. Little Boss
    Little Boss
    7 dagen geleden

    Ah..truly what China best at, copying others. THEY MORE HUMAN THAN ME THO.

  20. VoxelFusion
    7 dagen geleden

    Ngl, the design of the cat one looks way better.

  21. Oreki Houtarou
    Oreki Houtarou
    7 dagen geleden

    With all of this shinanigans that china made these past few years, I just wanna shinra tensei their whole country

  22. shield400
    7 dagen geleden

    My Chinese "copy" looks exactly like the original Flip N Slide. I've caught dozens of mice with no issues. $7 vs $30, no brainer, no regrets. YMMV

  23. Don B Williams
    Don B Williams
    8 dagen geleden

    Dear Shawn, I'm a new subscriber to your channel. Beyond the enjoyable and informative content I truly appreciate your pointing out the continual theft of intellectual property by the country of China. I purchased two of the original made in the USA traps to show my support. Thank you for your efforts.

  24. Eric Billiter
    Eric Billiter
    8 dagen geleden

    Does it work on rats?

  25. Hewwo There
    Hewwo There
    8 dagen geleden

    I like the copycat

  26. Master Xiong
    Master Xiong
    8 dagen geleden


  27. Stephen Winsor
    Stephen Winsor
    9 dagen geleden

    If you do a comparison again, do a tally for both mice captured and mice escaped. Looks like the original has 0% escape rate because once it tips, there is nothing to catch onto.

  28. Temiraki
    9 dagen geleden

    Ok but the second one has a cat on it

  29. Bega Gaming
    Bega Gaming
    9 dagen geleden

    The mousetrap going OWO

  30. Piperito
    10 dagen geleden

    I mean I do like the cat design on the chinese mousetrap but *sob* then again i'd never want to kill mice I'm too nice I exist here to watch these videos bc I like seeing how the traps operate tbh

  31. Jack Carvis
    Jack Carvis
    10 dagen geleden

    The NBA mice choose the Chinese trap, of course

  32. Little Brook Reader
    Little Brook Reader
    10 dagen geleden

    I wonder if it’s made with slave labor, poor souls. Thank you, Shawn. Buy American!

  33. Barry V
    Barry V
    10 dagen geleden

    Shawn tests the traps for us. So blame yourself If you get ripped off.

  34. Barry V
    Barry V
    10 dagen geleden

    China what a country.

  35. Andre Martens
    Andre Martens
    10 dagen geleden

    Sue them

  36. chupa chups Deer's
    chupa chups Deer's
    10 dagen geleden

    光復香港時代革命…this word work much better. It means liberate Hong Kong revolution of our time.

  37. Drained
    10 dagen geleden

    Yeah, copycat looks like a cat.

  38. Sky Scraper
    Sky Scraper
    11 dagen geleden

    The original has been out of stock for months already

  39. Patrick Forget
    Patrick Forget
    11 dagen geleden

    What do you expect it's from China Diamond quality control is if it's semi-fit that's good

  40. Tulga
    11 dagen geleden

    Copy the best trap design that catched every single one of mouse climbed on it, and make it useless enough to catch even a pet mice. This my friends, is the Chinese way.

  41. PaintBallerman
    11 dagen geleden

    I'm tired of China stealing ideas from everyone and turning them into their own cheap junk to outsell our businesses/inventors. Time to stop doing business with the theives

  42. masotan 15
    masotan 15
    11 dagen geleden


  43. WeirdoDrawsSomething
    11 dagen geleden

    Uwu cat

  44. Ben Sanders
    Ben Sanders
    11 dagen geleden

    The Chinese one would work better if the thing yellow thing on top was extended

  45. narapo
    11 dagen geleden

    I love your fight for the American product that deserves all the customers for its great design!

  46. Wally & Tony
    Wally & Tony
    11 dagen geleden

    I'll get me a few of these copies. Thanks for the heads up.

  47. Michael Keymont
    Michael Keymont
    11 dagen geleden

    Chinesium: Known to the state of Cancer to cause California...

  48. Darla Tidwell
    Darla Tidwell
    11 dagen geleden

    I got one and I love it. I've already caught a dozen mice so I'm definitely sold. Shawn you're channel is great. Thanks so much!

  49. Dog
    12 dagen geleden

    The mice be partying in the original trap

  50. Rolling Knight
    Rolling Knight
    12 dagen geleden

    Everyone's complaining about no feast for the wildlife, but everyone needs to remember that the copy-cat only caught 2 mice. I would be very upset if I came to a feast with only 2 mice being served.

  51. Reid Witt
    Reid Witt
    12 dagen geleden

    It is a literal copycat.

  52. Noobman09
    12 dagen geleden

    i found a comment from a guy on this channel said his content is gonna get stolen someday if he doesnt have an distinct mark on the vid and it actually got stolen lel

  53. Jamer45290
    12 dagen geleden

    non-patented or copyrighted product gets copied, owner gets salty that he isnt getting the money while companies who are making the same product but under their own words make money, then tries to harm their reputation by saying they are unethical

  54. gwrulz
    12 dagen geleden

    Another 👍 from this subscriber. Is the pop up chinese text say your copyright?

  55. Nocturnal Recluse
    Nocturnal Recluse
    12 dagen geleden

    China has zero innovation

  56. Rez_Ant
    12 dagen geleden

    °v° > owo

  57. oddlythinkn
    12 dagen geleden

    I live in the city, would anyone know how would I dispose of the rodents if it’s a lot

  58. MizutayioGP
    12 dagen geleden

    Remember: If a product seems to good to be true ( for its cost) or there are 50 of the exact same product on amazon, it's likely a chinese copy

  59. Billy
    13 dagen geleden

    Think I'll stick with a soda bottle on a skewer.

    13 dagen geleden

    you guys talking about mouse traps huh?well i understand it cause it the video fun fact:there is a chinese copy of pubg called 合平尽ing

  61. Im actually kidding when it comes to most replies
    Im actually kidding when it comes to most replies
    13 dagen geleden

    a literal copy-cat

  62. Duy Tùng Phạm
    Duy Tùng Phạm
    13 dagen geleden

    The copy cat is a cat itself.

  63. RC planes John Reap
    RC planes John Reap
    13 dagen geleden

    make your own version.. its a simple idea

  64. the obese pumpkin
    the obese pumpkin
    13 dagen geleden

    So if the worlds best mouse trap is going against a copycat wouldent that mean its just going up against itself

  65. Jacob the coin collector
    Jacob the coin collector
    13 dagen geleden

    I am chinese,they have no respect of copyright.

  66. Hurricanelive
    13 dagen geleden

    How many flaps do you want on the next version? How about 4 Flaps? Genius! How about 6 or 8 then? Even better! Doesn't matter if it works, just that it looks amazing!

  67. PandemoniumMeltDown
    13 dagen geleden

    Your video is racist, of course USA mice prefer to get cought at a 100% rate by a trap made in the USA... CCP mice aren't as dumb as USA mice you see, they were... re-educated.

  68. Check Wolfe
    Check Wolfe
    13 dagen geleden

    he got the OwO trap

  69. Potato Potado
    Potato Potado
    13 dagen geleden

    Mice gullible = funni

  70. Stefan Leo
    Stefan Leo
    13 dagen geleden

    The punchline is "copycat" isn't?

  71. Russell
    13 dagen geleden

    The 2 trap doors are neat but venting is a thing. The closed side only offers one entry, dual slots offer choosing decisions..... BUY AMERICAN

  72. Trevor Lambert
    Trevor Lambert
    13 dagen geleden

    And just like last time, link doesn't work.

  73. Iceresistance
    13 dagen geleden

    The Chinese is making the Impostor traps!

  74. pittroadsixzeroseven
    14 dagen geleden

    After viewing many other traps Flip and Slide is the best.

  75. World Peace
    World Peace
    14 dagen geleden

    As this has 2 doors now and the looks different I would not consider it a copy anymore.

  76. Derek Tang
    Derek Tang
    14 dagen geleden

    Your comparison is obviously rigged to your advantage.

  77. Werner Beroux
    Werner Beroux
    14 dagen geleden

    "designed to catch people, not mice" Oh! Burn! 🤣

  78. rudy nosa
    rudy nosa
    14 dagen geleden

    Mouse :what is my purpose Mr.Shawn :to fall into traps

  79. Keo Plays
    Keo Plays
    14 dagen geleden


  80. Andrew Betts
    Andrew Betts
    14 dagen geleden

    I bought two flip n slides for my attic. Made sure I got the real thing

  81. Ernestus van Eijk
    Ernestus van Eijk
    14 dagen geleden


  82. Angel Alfaro
    Angel Alfaro
    14 dagen geleden

    Make the Chinese letters bigger and moving in front/over the part where the mice falls in… something classy like “Taiwan is a country” or “free speech” that’ll get em

  83. Barry Brindle
    Barry Brindle
    14 dagen geleden

    The Chinese one is still a rip off of the original design with a slight change! And the change makes it inferior LMAO

  84. Steve s
    Steve s
    14 dagen geleden

    I intentionally ordered the one from usa before even seeing this video. To help n support our country. it was only like 10$ more

  85. Burton Sumner
    Burton Sumner
    14 dagen geleden

    3:03 自由西藏 Free Tibet. +Respect.

  86. Burton Sumner
    Burton Sumner
    14 dagen geleden

    The cat face on the lid lol now it’s both figuratively and literally a copy-cat!

  87. Psychtank 19
    Psychtank 19
    14 dagen geleden

    Yea, Chinesium. 👎👎👎👎

  88. Noel López
    Noel López
    14 dagen geleden

    Not to be picky or anything but a tally for mice escaped would've been helpful too. Even though it's obvious the copy let more go I lost count and didn't feel like rewinding lol

  89. MelanticaGaming
    14 dagen geleden

    What if you cast rodent tunnels

  90. eraserflying
    14 dagen geleden

    As a Chinese, I think that is a shame, shame for those even can't copy it right.

  91. ixfd64
    14 dagen geleden

    You're not going to show us what you did with those mice? Or is that for your Patreon subscribers?

  92. Brodes Gi
    Brodes Gi
    14 dagen geleden

    Free tibet lel

  93. Jeffrey Lonigro
    Jeffrey Lonigro
    14 dagen geleden

    Good for you for calling out this communist garbage!

  94. Dan Bhakta
    Dan Bhakta
    14 dagen geleden

    Damn Commie rodents!

  95. Cmndrkool321
    14 dagen geleden

    You need to put those phrases on all mouse traps that have a potential of being copied in China. I love that idea!

  96. supersportimpalass
    14 dagen geleden

    FYI his affiliate link applies a 33% increase in price. This is why its $40 compared to $30 if you buy it through the Amazon app. Kind of a steep markup and it's probably hurting the sales of the original trap imho. Sad to say I'd bet it's probably pushing people towards buying the copy that looks just like it.

    1. anikanbounty97
      14 dagen geleden

      Thx! Ya that truly sad as it true

    2. driveintherain
      14 dagen geleden

      Thanks for the heads up!

  97. paul Rexlan
    paul Rexlan
    14 dagen geleden

    So these dont actually kill them?

    1. anikanbounty97
      14 dagen geleden

      @pineapple sideways torture

    2. paul Rexlan
      paul Rexlan
      14 dagen geleden

      @pineapple sideways for some reason I was picturing setting them on fire but water is probably a better way

    3. pineapple sideways
      pineapple sideways
      14 dagen geleden

      Add water for a painful slow death

  98. sjsu pa
    sjsu pa
    14 dagen geleden

    neither works inside a house. Mouse simply won't walk on it. They don't want to spend the extra effort to climb up the bucket. The sticky sheet works much better.

  99. Scott Horning
    Scott Horning
    14 dagen geleden

    USA USA USA. Maybe the ccp would be better at creating a wuhan bat trap?

  100. Corey Thibeault
    Corey Thibeault
    14 dagen geleden

    Another reason that we need to whoop those commies.