Mice Caught in Spinning Bucket Trap. Oddly Satisfying - Mousetrap Monday

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Oddly Satisfying - Mice Caught in Spinning Bucket Trap. Mousetrap Monday


  1. Prince Magnet
    Prince Magnet
    Dag geleden


  2. Biljana Dimovski
    Biljana Dimovski
    2 dagen geleden

    what did those mice do to you you bastard

  3. Santhoshi Karre
    Santhoshi Karre
    3 dagen geleden


  4. Wiyt
    6 dagen geleden

    It really isn’t satisfying.

  5. Pork
    6 dagen geleden

    looks like something from wipe-out

  6. makenna shuter
    makenna shuter
    7 dagen geleden


  7. Dairo Leon
    Dairo Leon
    7 dagen geleden

    Little bastards legit yeet each other into the abyss.

  8. Squid Kidd
    Squid Kidd
    10 dagen geleden

    Ahh good title.

  9. Fernando moreira silva
    Fernando moreira silva
    10 dagen geleden

    Matem todos os humanos killed all humans

  10. Aisha
    13 dagen geleden

    Very cute little mice

  11. Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts
    13 dagen geleden

    Well we're stuck,nothing left to do but cuddle

  12. TesserId
    14 dagen geleden

    O.K. now for a compilation of the tippy ones.

  13. First Last
    First Last
    14 dagen geleden

    Then fill with gasoline and toss in a match for a better video

  14. tpl 608
    tpl 608
    14 dagen geleden

    As always Shawn, gloves Shawn gloves.

  15. Edrey kyle Dingle
    Edrey kyle Dingle
    15 dagen geleden

    Weee..... weeEe

  16. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
    15 dagen geleden

    as soon as i saw shorts i backed out of the video left a dislike, the shorts format idea, is st-pid, and for people who have no braincells, looking at you tiktokers.

  17. CCP Perrett
    CCP Perrett
    15 dagen geleden

    Seems like a great concept to me.👍

  18. solmon no
    solmon no
    16 dagen geleden

    0:43 i heard water are you killing them

    1. solmon no
      solmon no
      5 dagen geleden

      @Wiyt ok just wanted to now thx

    2. Wiyt
      6 dagen geleden

      Yes that one is definitely dead.

  19. Steven Reckling
    Steven Reckling
    16 dagen geleden

    I don't, but if I owned a snake I'd be tempted to set one of these outside occasionally. It seems cheaper than buying mice long term.

    1. Steevee14
      14 dagen geleden

      Yep! Free food for the rodent-eating snake, lizard, or whatever! Great trap design!

  20. Mimewar
    17 dagen geleden

    The mice were falling to the best there for a second and I got real excited like someone put in effort

  21. TheLizardKing1967
    17 dagen geleden

    I like the the paddle gives them a little slap in their head on the way down. LOL

  22. John M
    John M
    17 dagen geleden

    Still one of the best concepts for a trap.

  23. mike13899
    17 dagen geleden


  24. Grand Portage Gardener
    Grand Portage Gardener
    18 dagen geleden

    Damn things!

  25. Joe Treviño
    Joe Treviño
    18 dagen geleden

    the mice at my old house could jump 5 ft in the air, maybe they were rats?

  26. R Purdy
    R Purdy
    18 dagen geleden

    I like the one with the wide paddles.

  27. ronski
    18 dagen geleden

    That looks like a non native bucket y'all! Please give them the extra stinky CO2 for me

  28. Robert
    19 dagen geleden

    Rats are the hardest to kill or catch

  29. Robert Greenhouse
    Robert Greenhouse
    19 dagen geleden


  30. cfjlkfsjf
    19 dagen geleden

    0:50 The one getting stepped on at the top right (his eyes are looking this way) looks like he's dead inside.

    1. Jhin
      14 dagen geleden

      ... I think it's actually dead

  31. Callum LFC Waugh
    Callum LFC Waugh
    19 dagen geleden

    Nice short. More of these please.

  32. SaycoRa
    20 dagen geleden

    Good work Crawdaddy.

  33. Baka Productions Channel
    Baka Productions Channel
    20 dagen geleden

    I’m that one mouse that was throwing people in

  34. Rose Brosius
    Rose Brosius
    20 dagen geleden

    Cute mouse 🐁🐀🐭

  35. F.V.
    20 dagen geleden


  36. Shaib
    20 dagen geleden

    I dont find anything in this video oddly satisfying

    1. Larry Ciarrocchi
      Larry Ciarrocchi
      19 dagen geleden

      @ジョージgeorge I like the way Edgun Leshy gets rid of rodents.

    2. ジョージgeorge
      20 dagen geleden

      Yeah shawn’s kind of a creepy father too when you start realizing it.

  37. Patricia Garcia
    Patricia Garcia
    20 dagen geleden

    Where do you buy your see-through buckets? I’ve shopped around and I can’t find them not even on Amazon. Bought one from Home Depot but I can’t see if there’s mice in there. Bought the flip and slide after watching your video. Great show!

  38. 기타의데왕
    20 dagen geleden

    so cute mouse

  39. Gabriel Clopot
    Gabriel Clopot
    20 dagen geleden


  40. Aqua Fyre
    Aqua Fyre
    20 dagen geleden

    Circus Mice going through their paces.

  41. Grateful Driver
    Grateful Driver
    20 dagen geleden

    It’s WIPEOUT! for mice. Just need the funny commentary, like the show. 🤣👍

  42. Laura Francis
    Laura Francis
    20 dagen geleden

    Eating good tonight

  43. Jay Dee Bee 31
    Jay Dee Bee 31
    20 dagen geleden

    Why does this remind me of wipe out

  44. Jeff Harman
    Jeff Harman
    20 dagen geleden

    😆ROTFLMAO!🤣 Just the two words "Oddly Satisfying" made me burst out laughing and I was riding the Metro and a bunch of folks started watching it with me on my Smartphone! Less than a minute of Bliss but the Replay Icon joyfully popped up at the end!!! LOL

  45. Indefinite Artblock
    Indefinite Artblock
    20 dagen geleden

    Cute. Because of the music. That's how you become family friendly. 😂

  46. George Smith
    George Smith
    20 dagen geleden


  47. Malcolm Wolfe
    Malcolm Wolfe
    20 dagen geleden

    all put to deeeeeaaaath and fed to skunkz

  48. Paul Betka
    Paul Betka
    20 dagen geleden


  49. Isabel S
    Isabel S
    20 dagen geleden

    This song is cursed

  50. Carol Goering
    Carol Goering
    20 dagen geleden

    How do I make one of these?

  51. phillyflash43
    20 dagen geleden

    Coming soon....Moustrap Monday - The Movie!

  52. Motley Stew
    Motley Stew
    20 dagen geleden

    You gotta repost (somewhere that won’t get taken down) the ‘live catch’ trap with the cannibal mouse. People need to see that live catch traps aren’t always humane.

  53. Dave S.
    Dave S.
    20 dagen geleden

    I just wish rats were as dumb and careless and clumsy as mice...

  54. Hey Seed22
    Hey Seed22
    20 dagen geleden

    Hi Shawn, 1st thank you for all your effort putting up hundreds of awesome videos with great content 👍🏻 2nd I for one really love the longer format videos, but I don’t mind a little compilation now n then... I just hope you’re not too stressed out I know NLrock policy sucks but plz plz like others have said don’t turn into TikTok keep up the longer videos they are truly awesome 👏🏻

  55. Lemon Party
    Lemon Party
    20 dagen geleden

    Paid actors.

  56. Lee's Channel
    Lee's Channel
    20 dagen geleden


  57. Gea Force
    Gea Force
    20 dagen geleden

    I love Mondays specially when they're Fridays

    1. Larry Ciarrocchi
      Larry Ciarrocchi
      19 dagen geleden

      @kut # Especially

    2. More Plz
      More Plz
      20 dagen geleden

      The best Mondays all take place on Friday.

    3. kut #
      kut #
      20 dagen geleden


  58. lost and confused
    lost and confused
    20 dagen geleden

    After that youtube shorts engagement, smart. Do some more polls too!

  59. PeeCee
    20 dagen geleden

    Meeces are so dumb 🤣🤣

  60. PandemoniumMeltDown
    20 dagen geleden


  61. JP O
    JP O
    20 dagen geleden

    Too bad the squirrel launcher can’t be made PC for mice.

  62. M
    20 dagen geleden

    The light clips are your pet mice right?

    1. Zildijan Norbs
      Zildijan Norbs
      20 dagen geleden

      I think so

  63. yuvgotubekidding
    20 dagen geleden

    Shawn just gave us a little clip.

    1. Haslittle
      20 dagen geleden

      I came here to post this

    2. Little Flip
      Little Flip
      20 dagen geleden

      I'm gonna write that down.

  64. Caesar
    20 dagen geleden

    Mice don’t understand physics? Interesting. 🤔

  65. Steve Nightfox
    Steve Nightfox
    20 dagen geleden

    Like-1 for toktik video format on yt 😕

  66. Orange Guy
    Orange Guy
    20 dagen geleden

    Why is the mouse satisfying and not the trap?

  67. SpactivDJ
    20 dagen geleden

    Шон а ты понимаешь по русски?

    1. c r i s p & c l e a n
      c r i s p & c l e a n
      20 dagen geleden

      I'd like one gyro please

  68. Eric Peters
    Eric Peters
    20 dagen geleden

    this is the type of uninspired video one makes when running out of ideas, interest and time.

  69. Gary Germain
    Gary Germain
    20 dagen geleden

    This is your mousetrap Monday? I would like to see more content next time please.

  70. Todd Hodgson
    Todd Hodgson
    20 dagen geleden

    Poor Stinky, him's not getting supper tonight.

  71. Janet Richey
    Janet Richey
    20 dagen geleden

    Loved seeing Goldie featured! Even though it's really short, I have to say this is one of my favorite videos,😁

  72. Merrick
    20 dagen geleden

    The oddly satisfying vids that include death are my favorite 😂

    1. British Aviator
      British Aviator
      2 dagen geleden

      @Sarban hampsterexplodedcopypasta.txt. If you want to find the copypasta, go to r/psychopath I’m too “emotional” to post it here. AKA I don’t have the balls.

    2. aye
      8 dagen geleden

      @Andres C D nobody above the age of 30 would waste their time in the yt comment section, 60 especially

    3. Andres C D
      Andres C D
      8 dagen geleden

      @Sarban it's hard to guess whether you're a 12 year old or 60 year old.

    4. Sarban
      10 dagen geleden

      There are only two types of people in the world. The strong who conquers and destroys, and the weak and pathetic. Emotions and empathy are weaknesses to be exploited. Psychopaths and sociopaths are the next evolutionary step of mankind and weak people will not survive. Crying is weakness. Depression is weakness. Love is weakness. Sadness is weakness. All emotion is weakness. Humans are weak.

    5. ronski
      18 dagen geleden


  73. Michael Pipkin
    Michael Pipkin
    20 dagen geleden

    Dude. Please don't turn into a cute, light guitar with clapping and whistling with up beat music "satisfying" channel. You kill rodents and we love it. Please don't change....

    1. Michael Pipkin
      Michael Pipkin
      19 dagen geleden

      @Cathelina M I hope that's what it is or close to it. Good observation.

    2. Cathelina M
      Cathelina M
      20 dagen geleden

      I think it's done to avoid the trolls who hit the report button. Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Besides a successful catch is still the same.

  74. Imperial Spy
    Imperial Spy
    20 dagen geleden

    This channel is dying

  75. philais
    20 dagen geleden

    I have it on rerun and I am watching it all day! Oddly Satisfying!

  76. monkeygraborange
    20 dagen geleden

    Me no likey Tic-Tok format!!

  77. Maggie Shepherd
    Maggie Shepherd
    20 dagen geleden

    manufacture and sell these in Australia !!! They are inundated with a mouse apocolypse

    1. Adam Malik
      Adam Malik
      19 dagen geleden

      I think the Aussie farmers are already trapping them... And I heard the traps would overfill! That's how bad the mouse population explosion is!

    2. Jak 765
      Jak 765
      19 dagen geleden

      The bucket will overfill

  78. Spying Dutchman
    Spying Dutchman
    20 dagen geleden

    Nice, but why is 2/3 of the screen cut away?

    1. Adam Malik
      Adam Malik
      19 dagen geleden

      That's just the NLrock Shorts format. Vertical screen only

    2. hdezn26
      20 dagen geleden

      Blame Tic Tok ?

  79. ej ej
    ej ej
    20 dagen geleden

    I would like to see a modification so a little bell rings each time another mouse drops in the bucket. The mice might get a kick out of it (maybe only the native species would, since they get released into the wild).

    1. Carol Goering
      Carol Goering
      19 dagen geleden

      @Robert Greenhouse The movie, It's a Wonderful Life, Every time a bell rings an Angel gets it's wings.

    2. Robert Greenhouse
      Robert Greenhouse
      19 dagen geleden

      Every time a bell rings a mouse gets it's wings! But not water wings!

    3. Bob Cranberries
      Bob Cranberries
      20 dagen geleden

      I would like to see this style of trap placed over a burn barrel.....

    4. Carol Goering
      Carol Goering
      20 dagen geleden

      Every time a bell rings a mouse gets it wings!

    5. Bernandez4139
      20 dagen geleden

      Hang a bell over a bucket and put some peanut butter on the rim.

  80. Real Fine Pork
    Real Fine Pork
    20 dagen geleden

    I miss the little splashes of water from the older videos

    1. nativeboi 2119
      nativeboi 2119
      12 dagen geleden

      Why is NLrock so mean all I want to see is a mouse drown

    2. Yawk Yawk
      Yawk Yawk
      17 dagen geleden

      Some of the vids are of his pet mice

    3. I Bramblebush
      I Bramblebush
      19 dagen geleden

      Too many snowflakes complained.

    4. Type Mee
      Type Mee
      20 dagen geleden

      The last 20 seconds I heard splashes🌊

    5. DurschfallTV
      20 dagen geleden

      @B Butler these are his pet mice!

  81. Nordic Trekker
    Nordic Trekker
    20 dagen geleden


  82. Tony H
    Tony H
    20 dagen geleden

    Kill those bastards

  83. Li Li
    Li Li
    20 dagen geleden

    These rolling/spinning traps really seem to be the most effective! And they're low-cost, to boot!

    1. shawbros
      18 dagen geleden

      The oil bowl was the most effective.

    2. ej ej
      ej ej
      20 dagen geleden

      I think the ones with trap doors, like the "flip and slide" trap, might be more effective. (Plus, the mice can't escape once they're caught. )

  84. Builditon Tutorial
    Builditon Tutorial
    20 dagen geleden

    Rats in 🎡 it's really funny

  85. Tim p
    Tim p
    20 dagen geleden

    looks like all the effort might be going to the patrion chanel.

  86. Jack The Pokexpert
    Jack The Pokexpert
    20 dagen geleden

    Bro one of the mice literally just shoved one into the bucket.

    1. Yellow Banana
      Yellow Banana
      20 dagen geleden


    2. John Merces
      John Merces
      20 dagen geleden

      Skaven infighting

  87. HeroFlash
    20 dagen geleden

    Simple and to the point. A montage every now and then is good.