How To Catch Mice With a Wine Bottle. DIY Mouse Trap. Mousetrap Monday

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Testing out a simple DIY Mouse Trap using a bucket and a wine bottle.
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  1. Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods
    24 dagen geleden

    Thanks for watching. For A List Of My Top Mouse Traps Recommendations Check Out My Amazon Affiliate Store: See New Exclusive content on my Patreon Page: Official Mousetrap Monday Merch - (Hats, Shirts & More):

    1. Elias
      14 dagen geleden

      I, II, World War III vs Other people go deep into the forest and release the mice Jimmy, Jonny, Candy, Sam.

    2. Travelingeast
      22 dagen geleden

      I’m curious if you could use a lump of dry ice instead of water at the bottom of the bucket to build up CO2 and humanely dispatch the mice.

    3. KDH_Panda617
      22 dagen geleden

      what is that tool called at the 1:10 mark

    4. Shadow Dragon Lord
      Shadow Dragon Lord
      23 dagen geleden

      Any suggestions for mouse traps that are effective and aren't likely to be messed with or destroyed by a curious two year old and her rowdy older siblings? My parents have a rodent infestation and they're hoping to deal with it themselves.

  2. Muskrat Outdoors
    Muskrat Outdoors
    Dag geleden

    What if you put a little salad oil on the end of the bottle? I bet you would catch the ones with good balance too. Ha! you just said the oil idea.

  3. Bob Roberson
    Bob Roberson
    9 dagen geleden

    Spray the neck of the bottle with vegetable oil.

  4. Colin Wilson
    Colin Wilson
    9 dagen geleden

    wax polish it ?

  5. Nexha
    10 dagen geleden

    Now the thing is, I trapped mice in a bucket too, and O want to release them away from my house but I don’t know if they’re native or not, how do I know if it’s safe to release them

  6. Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy
    13 dagen geleden

    Maybe put in some Polish on the glass bottle to make it more slippery and put the peanut butter further in the hole

  7. Kota Fox
    Kota Fox
    14 dagen geleden

    design your own mousetrap. would prefer it a live catch so you dont have to worry about native species.

  8. jammergreg
    14 dagen geleden

    Great video. You put peanut butter on the bottle neck which gave the mice more traction so they wouldn’t fall off into the bucket. My advice is just put peanut butter on the very tip of the bottle. That way you’ll have the slipperiness of the glass not the traction of Peanut butter.

  9. Carl Williams
    Carl Williams
    14 dagen geleden

    I'm guessing somebody else is pointed this out, however you didn't need to mark the outline of the bottle on the inside of the bucket. You could have done it on the outside, making both handling and marking a lot easier!

  10. Mort B
    Mort B
    14 dagen geleden

    Skunks and rats? Time to Relo. Find a farm with deer and bunnies!

  11. Stan Webb
    Stan Webb
    14 dagen geleden

    Your oil from your hands etc. helped them stay on the bottle!!! Smaller bottle as they were able to spread their feet to hold the sides of the bottle!!! One way to end of the bottle.... Make it easy to get on the bottle but hard to back track off!! Cut the top where bottle goes into the bucket a little bigger but the plastic folds into the bucket and does not allow the mice to go back out... Lid on bucket or bungee cord an cloth over the top of the bucket!!!

  12. Brian USA
    Brian USA
    14 dagen geleden

    Put auto polish on bottle it will make it slippery

  13. Mark D
    Mark D
    14 dagen geleden

    I think i'll stick with peanut butter on common spring loaded mouse traps! They take up a lot less room and work better than most of these home made jobbies!

  14. David Benner
    David Benner
    15 dagen geleden

    It has to have "duck tape".

  15. Chuck Tyson
    Chuck Tyson
    15 dagen geleden

    what a blast from the past, I last saw one of these traps used about 35 years ago, I think they rubbed a candle on the bottle and polished it or a very thin smear of petroleum jelly to make it more slippery near the narrow end. Oh and the cork was used to hold a length of fishing line or string with the bait dangling down to tempt them to overbalance.

  16. Dr. Skip Kazarian
    Dr. Skip Kazarian
    15 dagen geleden

    Skunk 1: "I fart in your general direction!" Skunk 2: "Ewwwwwwwwwwww...."

  17. David Beddoe
    David Beddoe
    15 dagen geleden

    They needed thousands of these the size of vans in Australia three months ago. edit: Mount the bottle so that it spins, allow access to both ends, hang bait an inch above so they look up at it.

  18. Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson
    15 dagen geleden

    Spray the neck of the bottle with silicone spray.

  19. Jody Lowe
    Jody Lowe
    15 dagen geleden

    That one skunk was a real dick.

  20. CCP Perrett
    CCP Perrett
    15 dagen geleden

    Let's improve this trap with a downward tilt and greased..

  21. Matthew Kay
    Matthew Kay
    15 dagen geleden

    conventional mouse trap works for me. why am i looking at this! youtube algorithms

  22. That Filthy Weeaboo
    That Filthy Weeaboo
    16 dagen geleden

    One night, my three cats cornered a native deer mouse. Recognizing it, I caught it in a trashcan, took it outside and set it free.

  23. Rolf Poelman
    Rolf Poelman
    16 dagen geleden

    1:39 Does the peanut butter on the top side of the bottle neck help the mice to stop sliding off into the bucket?

  24. Suzy H
    Suzy H
    16 dagen geleden

    How do you humanly dispatch any mouse?

  25. David martin
    David martin
    16 dagen geleden

    I made one of these many years ago , and yes it will catch mice; the dumber ones. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of animals , they learn. After a time I found I was not catching mice but there were still mice there. Davox.

  26. ford289 cid
    ford289 cid
    16 dagen geleden

    I thought of the oil on the outside of the bottle neck too, just as the video was starting. The idea of slightly angling the bottle downward I didn't think of, but should also increase effectiveness. Like other viewers, I'd like to see the results of Shawn modifying this trap-I bet it becomes deadly.

  27. geoh7777
    16 dagen geleden

    How does one distinguish invasive mice from native species mice?

  28. Bairds Westciv
    Bairds Westciv
    16 dagen geleden

    Oil the bottle with olive oil.

  29. RufusMC
    16 dagen geleden

    Try corn starch or talc on the bottle instead of oil to make it slippery. The moisture on their feet is probably giving them some grip

  30. Liz McCrea
    Liz McCrea
    16 dagen geleden

    I think the best place to put peanut butter is along. the other side of the orange pail it is just out their reach

  31. Gian Diaz
    Gian Diaz
    16 dagen geleden

    I was wondering if he rewards his pet mice after he tests a trap with them

  32. Wayne Graham
    Wayne Graham
    16 dagen geleden

    I think you should not put peanut butter on the top of it, it makes it less slippery!

  33. Bruce Cochrane
    Bruce Cochrane
    16 dagen geleden

    We use a similar trap at our cabin but we fill the bucket with glycol (anti freeze). Stays there all year and we are up there infrequently. No smell. If we used water, that might smell a bit different after a hot summer. We do not have any pets there and I would not use the glycol if you have dogs or cats around.

  34. 101perspective
    17 dagen geleden

    Get rid of the bottle and just fill the bucket half way with water and float some sunflower seeds on top.

  35. thelastpatriot
    17 dagen geleden

    A Thousand and One Versions of the Fantastic Bucket Trap.

  36. Tim Williams
    Tim Williams
    17 dagen geleden

    Put some Rain X on the glass bottle...very slick

  37. jimmy GoEt
    jimmy GoEt
    18 dagen geleden

    are you a ex military man

  38. Google Aids
    Google Aids
    18 dagen geleden

    You remind me of lockpicking lawyer if he just reviewed mouse traps instead. Anyway good content 👌

  39. Ramses Silent
    Ramses Silent
    18 dagen geleden

    don't put the peanut butter on the top part of the bottle it just gives it more traction.

  40. fespa
    18 dagen geleden

    Sorry, Shawn. You lost your place as the king of mouse traps. Colin Tink (Google it) managed to catch 15,000 mice in one week. 😄

  41. Michael Zimmerman
    Michael Zimmerman
    19 dagen geleden

    Instead of walk the plank walk the bottle lol

  42. Simply Wonderful
    Simply Wonderful
    19 dagen geleden

    Put some oil on the bottle

  43. Elisabeth
    19 dagen geleden

    “A nice evening snack”…lol and eww

  44. Optical Illusions
    Optical Illusions
    19 dagen geleden

    Soo how do you “humanely” dispose of mice when the traps don’t kill them with water or other methods

    1. Monkey Business
      Monkey Business
      17 dagen geleden

      he has a video where she shows how he uses co2

  45. achillies40
    19 dagen geleden

    I would think that tilting the bottle down a little would help. I was also thinking that you need to reduce the drag coefficient of the glass so the feet of the mouse have less purchase on the glass. You could do that with a dry silicon spray, like they use on garage door sliders. Peanut oil would work as well, plus mice like the smell. I doubt it would be as slippery as the silicon but with the bottle tilted down a little, it may not really matter. Just a thought.

  46. akbychoice
    19 dagen geleden

    Polish the bottle with 0000 steelwool and then use wax or rain-x windshield fluid on it. Polish dry with a cotton rag.

  47. Bill Randolph
    Bill Randolph
    19 dagen geleden

    NIIIIIICE!!!!!! Thanks for posting this great Idea!

  48. Joseph Marino
    Joseph Marino
    20 dagen geleden

    I was thinking the same thing a very light coating of some kind of vegetable oil and possibly a bucket that's taller than the standard buckets. I have seen ice melt buckets there about 4 in deeper than the typical HD/Lowes size

  49. J W
    J W
    20 dagen geleden

    Shawn, I used to work for an astronomy research team back in college. Our telescope observatory was infested with mice, and we were always finding mice in our half drunk beer bottles if we left them over night. The mice must have smelt the beer, climbed up and into the beer, and then drown in beer. Not a bad fate. All it takes to make such a trap is - a half drunk beer.

  50. dks13827
    20 dagen geleden

    I would grease up the bottle.

  51. Paul Murray
    Paul Murray
    20 dagen geleden

    Perhaps the peanut butter might be making the glass less slippery - a little tacky.

  52. Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery Powell
    21 dag geleden

    make the bottle spin

  53. Cedar Shoals
    Cedar Shoals
    21 dag geleden

    Bucket with a wooden ramp with a string about 4 inches long attached to the top end of the board. Scatter some tootsie roll bits on the ramp and some smelly cheese or meat on the end of the string. Mouse will fall in trying to reach the end of the string,

  54. Matt Mahoney
    Matt Mahoney
    21 dag geleden

    Maybe wax it with auto wax

  55. Ben Jurqunov
    Ben Jurqunov
    21 dag geleden

    Possums are invasive also... How about catch one then feed it to mice or rats.

    1. My Name
      My Name
      21 dag geleden

      It’s a Virginia Possum Key word: Virginia

  56. Lou Nunya
    Lou Nunya
    21 dag geleden

    Put some olive oil on the neck of that bottle.

  57. Devo491
    21 dag geleden

    If you tilt the bottle downwards, it will work much better.

  58. pablo rages
    pablo rages
    21 dag geleden

    Only got notification today :(

  59. truthsmiles
    21 dag geleden

    I guess skunks aren’t worried about getting sprayed by other skunks :)

  60. Intra
    21 dag geleden

    One of these days you should show us all your pet mice and rats.

  61. Iowa599
    21 dag geleden

    You could trace the bottle on the outside of the bucket, and cut from the outside. It would be easier, but not easy enough… A hole saw… Or just heat the bottle, then push it though the plastic.

  62. Jacky Anderson
    Jacky Anderson
    21 dag geleden

    Hmmm, maybe put some vegetable oil along the neck of the bottle. Wild mice seem to know how to hold onto glass.

  63. john bekkers
    john bekkers
    21 dag geleden

    I was using this method 40years ago the most I caught was 23 mice in one night I used a crust of bread in the end of the bottle and put butter on the neck of the bottle

  64. Paul G
    Paul G
    21 dag geleden

    This type of trap has been used in Australia for decades

    1. Shane Marcotte
      Shane Marcotte
      17 dagen geleden

      You want a cookie?

  65. Vincent Statzer
    Vincent Statzer
    21 dag geleden


  66. soyburglar
    21 dag geleden

    It’s a good thing skunks have their smelly defense, because that bark isn’t scaring anybody 😂

  67. LavarushYT
    21 dag geleden

    it's kind of ironic, he traps and kill mice and rats but he also has mice and rats as pets

  68. B S
    B S
    21 dag geleden

    Improve it by putting the tiniest drop of oil on the glas and tilt it forward?

  69. Mr. Tawos
    Mr. Tawos
    22 dagen geleden


  70. relybigguns bigguns
    relybigguns bigguns
    22 dagen geleden

    Maybe put peanut oil on the bottle to

  71. Home Boy
    Home Boy
    22 dagen geleden

    I would have angled the bottle downwards and added a touch of oil.

  72. Highstranger951
    22 dagen geleden

    I’m glad the opossum got at least one of the mice, skunks tick me off.

  73. Antonio Carter
    Antonio Carter
    22 dagen geleden

    Mousetrap Monday: Trenches addition

  74. Thomas Middlebrooke
    Thomas Middlebrooke
    22 dagen geleden

    I still prefer the old reliable rolling log trap.

  75. iamgriff
    22 dagen geleden

    seems like canola oil on the tip of the bottle, would help the mice slip to their doom

  76. ImpendingJoker
    22 dagen geleden

    The simplest fix? Wipe off the peanut butter. After it gets stepped on it gets sticky and add gription for the mice, thus negating the slickeryness of the bottle.

  77. Melissa Record
    Melissa Record
    22 dagen geleden

    I don’t think there’s anywhere I would want to bite a skunk 😂

  78. J. Sterling
    J. Sterling
    22 dagen geleden

    Want to guarantee capture of the mice? Coat the neck of the bottle with cooking oil, it will guarantee no traction.

  79. Linda McClain
    Linda McClain
    22 dagen geleden

    Make the hole slightly bigger so it tilts. Coat with oil or lubricant.

  80. BuZzWerks
    22 dagen geleden

    Turtle Wax the bottle.

  81. Глеб Bay
    Глеб Bay
    22 dagen geleden

    Am i the only person who is interested in fact where does he find so many mice

  82. SuperYamaGucci
    22 dagen geleden

    BUILD ONE WHERE THEY STEP INTO THE CENTRE OF A CENTRIFUGE. THE OUTER IS DOUBLE WALLED WITH AN ESCAPE TUNNEL. THE TUNNEL HAS A DOOR ON IT THATS BRIEFLY OPENED ON EACH ROTATION SENDING THE RODENT WHEREVER ITS AIMED. Eventually birds of prey will learn where the flying mice live - by day, eagles will flock. By night, owls will gather from miles around.

  83. CPR Computer
    CPR Computer
    23 dagen geleden

    Didnt see my name on the list

  84. Stephen James
    Stephen James
    23 dagen geleden

    Maybe try coating the bottle with silicone spray, to make it more slippery.

  85. Savage3OO6
    23 dagen geleden

    Put the wine cork in the bottle and stick one end of a coat hanger in the cork. Then have the other end of the coat hanger turn back over the angled part of the wine bottle. Dangle the peanut butter from overhead so they have to stand up to get it. Make it even better by dangling it slightly off center, so they have to stand up and lean.

  86. Fred Derf
    Fred Derf
    23 dagen geleden

    Putting pretty much anything on the exterior of the bottle is going to decrease the slipperiness of the bottle, clean and dry is going to be the best option (waxing it is suggested in another post but i'm not sure that will work, it's quite possible that the wax will give the mice something to stick to). Glass is hard and smooth so there is nothing for the mice's feet to grab onto, adding a layer of anything makes the glass (effectively) softer.

  87. Mudak The Multiplier
    Mudak The Multiplier
    23 dagen geleden

    That possum went out doing mission impossible.

  88. Dark_ Warrior 123
    Dark_ Warrior 123
    23 dagen geleden

    When your so drunk you come up with a mouse trap 🥴🍾🍻🐀

  89. Seth
    23 dagen geleden

    Have you ever done a video on groundhogs?

  90. frog atop a mushroom
    frog atop a mushroom
    23 dagen geleden

    why don't you blink?

  91. Luci Para
    Luci Para
    23 dagen geleden

    Wait where did all the uncensored footage from your website go? I thought there was a tab where you could see all the uncensored mouse traps that NLrock doesn't let us see?

  92. bestamerica
    23 dagen geleden

    ' next time use a water plastic bottle... when mouse trap kill the mouse then opposum or skunk eat the dead mouse... yeaa good idea

  93. Sam D
    Sam D
    23 dagen geleden

    Coat the bottle with transmission fluid where you want it to slip with ease.

  94. timelike01
    23 dagen geleden

    Skunk wars!

  95. Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    23 dagen geleden

    ..or you could just lean a yardstick against the pail and smear the peanut butter a few inches below the rim, just out of reach....put a few inches of water in the bottom of the pail...

  96. Joseph Swaney
    Joseph Swaney
    23 dagen geleden

    That skunk sounded like my old pet one when she was mad. I miss her.

    1. Muskrat Outdoors
      Muskrat Outdoors
      Dag geleden

      We had one too. Ours was male and got to biting really bad as he got older. He was sure fun when he was young though!

  97. Randy Munoz
    Randy Munoz
    23 dagen geleden

    How is he not verified yet

  98. Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac
    23 dagen geleden

    No its just not possible!

  99. Kelly Stone
    Kelly Stone
    23 dagen geleden

    Check out Australia's Mice Plague.I decided our little farm mice were not as much as an issue anymore !! I saw the wine bottle or different version of it from Farmers trading different homemade traps before they began to burn their crops!

  100. Dan
    23 dagen geleden

    You keep killing non-native mice, yet let deer mice live and they spread the infectious Hantavirus. Who cares if a species is non-native to an area, we are not native to this land, except native Americans.